How To Make Money Selling EBooks

How To Make Money Selling EBooks

At this age and time, book publishing has gone from the old ways of printing and selling to writing and publishing for online sales.  You can start writing on your phone, laptop, and desktop computers and publish without a physical bookstore. The incredible thing is that these books sell out even faster than those loaded on a bookshelf. Before now, books with recognized personalities sell, and you need to spend your resources to print and publish a book in limited quantity. Things have changed. With social media and its digital possibilities, anyone can write a book and sell without qualifications. Ebook publishing is a form of publishing done digitally.  A writer who wants to publish an ebook only needs to write on his device and publish online without any form of printing. It is not enough to write an Ebook, but how do you sell and make money with your ebook? Let's find answers in this article.

Ways To Make Money With Ebook Selling

To help you sell your Ebook, you need to do the following 
  • Choose An Eye Cathy Title
A captivating book title can draw buyers, it makes the reader curious and your book irresistible.  A captivating book title can stick to the mind of your prospective reader and may never be satisfied till they buy it. Have you ever seen a book title trending? Even those who originally don't need that book may end up buying it to discover what the title means.

To craft a captivating book title for your ebook, do these:

  • Choose a title that is unique
  • Choose a title that speaks of the value of your book at a glance
  • Choose a controversial title
  • Choose a title that centers on the targeted audience
  • Ensure your book title is concise and not too distracting.
  The above tips are priceless when picking an ebook title.  
  • Use An Attractive Book Cover

  The next thing that comes to mind when writing an ebook is your cover, as much as this is necessary to cover your ebook, it is also a recipe for sales and must be paid attention to. When picking a cover for your ebook, pay close attention to colors, background designs, layout, the print on it, and how it is arranged. People are captivated by how beautiful your book cover looks but there is more. Consider the story your ebook cover tells, how will people perceive your book when they see the cover? Your book cover should align with your title and attract buyers. To get ideas, you can visit prominent bookstores, best sellers, and common books and see designs they adopted.   You can pay a designer to design a book cover for you or you can use tools such as Canva to create your design.
  • Create Awareness During the Writing Process.

One of the most effective ways to sell your ebook is to create noise about it before it is published. surprising your audience with a new ebook is good but it might affect your sales rate especially if you haven't sold any successfully before.    You can start creating posts of an incoming ebook and enlighten your audience on why they need to buy your book, this will spur curiosity and make them want to satisfy their curiosity by buying.    Another thing you can do to create awareness for an incoming ebook is to open a waitlist for it, you might even attach a discount price for the waitlist, this will help you keep a hungry community awaiting your ebook. Note that you can only embark on this if you are certain of when your book will be available and you don't have any plans of abandoning the writing project.
  • Sell on Social Media

Social media is one pool of sales that you must take advantage of when launching an ebook, if you want to sell beyond your location, you must use social media as your unique selling tool.   You can create awareness on social media, run ads for sales, host sessions for your book review, virtual book launch, and many more. Consider which of the social media platform you have a great audience and take advantage of it.   
  • Create A Landing Page

Sites such as Selar have made it easier to list your ebooks and monitor sales. You can run ads directly to your selar site and write a captivating copy on the site and sell to visitors. Selar is even more unique since you can see abandoned sales which can help you analyze your stats and adopt fresh strategies, send follow-up emails, and close deals.  
  • Publish On Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle is a digital bookstore that you can take advantage of to sell your ebooks. You can publish directly on Amazon and sell your book at a high rate across borders. With Amazon KDP you can receive 30% to 70% royalties on any purchase.  
  • Influencer Marketing

You can use influencers to market your ebook and attract their audience. Reach out to an influence and strike a deal with them to talk about your book, take a screenshot of your book, and advertise to their audience, you can even offer them a free copy to facilitate sales. This will expose your book to not just your audience but to theirs as well.  
  • Use Discount Prices

Discount is a great bait that can attract buyers, people like to cheat product owners and buy cheaper and this discount can make them feel that way. Offering a discount for ebooks is much easier than printed books because you spend less producing ebooks. You can offer discounts on specific celebrations or seasons and take advantage of this discount to enjoy massive sales.  

Is Ebook Publishing Profitable?

Ebook publishing is worth it and many have made massive profit selling ebooks. Ebooks are one of the ways writers can earn passive income. Why is ebook publishing profitable? Consider the following points:  
  • Ebook publishing is cheap as you can use your device and publish on social media and any publishing platform.
  • There is no limited number of ebooks that you can produce since you can turn your ebook into pdfs and attach downloadable links.
  • Ebooks can be sold with various mediums and ownership can be retained.
  • Ebook publishing gives you recognition across borders with little effort.
  • Ebooks don't have to be long, you can start and finish an ebook in a day.
  • Ebooks can be used as a gift or an offer to upsell a new product.

What Should You Consider Before Writing An Ebook?

In addition to the point above, you should consider this important factor, you can say, I saved the best for the last.

Pick A Profitable Niche.

Writing an ebook on niches that are not profitable can bring about stagnant sales. It is not just being an author, the goal is to become an author that people are hungry to read from. These are some of the profitable niches you should write on:  
  • Health niche
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance
  • Relationship
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Self-discovery
  • History 
And many more.

Pay Attention To Value

It is not enough to write an ebook, but how valuable it is. Even if your title, cover image and marketing are effective, if your book isn't valuable, people wouldn't read it. This may even attract bad reviews which is going to affect your sale. If I were to advise you, I will say “Write a valuable book”.  


Writing an ebook brings sales concern and that is why this article was written. This article has highlighted various ways you can write and sell your ebook for massive profitability. The above tips are tested and trusted, however, it is tantamount that you do further research for more ideas. I wish you massive sales.  

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