Best 20 Passive Income Ideas For Students
Most students have expenses that exceed what their parents and guardians can provide. Even when there is support from an authority, it can get overwhelming if a student should be overly dependent. Even if you got a scholarship, you still need passive income to take care of extra needs. Aside from income to take care of a few needs, some students get passive earnings that exceed their normal salary. What are some passive income ideas that can help you gain financial Independence as a student? Consider 20 passive income ideas below:
  • Content Creation

Content creation is a high-paying passive income idea that a student can do. With your smartphone, you can create content around little things such as your day, lifestyle, and complex things to explain certain topics that seemed hard, your business, or that of others, and earn passive income. Social media such as Facebook pays digital content creators who are monetized. All you need to start is learn how to create eye-catching content around any niche audience grabbing niche and enjoy a massive following which in turn can earn you money. You can take a few hours of your time daily to create content for yourself or for business people and earn money. For example, the woman selling food on campus might not have been able to communicate her services to a larger audience, so you can approach her, and pitch content creation to her for a worthy percentage.
  • Freelancing

Freelancing is one flexible means of passive income for students. You can acquire any profitable digital skills and start working for clients all over the world from the comfort of your home.   If you are a student, you might not be able to take up a full-time job due to your school activities, but you can start a freelancing business and decide your schedule and the clients to work with.   As an independent worker, freelancing won't stop you from going to class since you can work anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop.
  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that anyone can do even as a student. You can register on any affiliate site that you can afford and start selling as an affiliate.   Affiliate Marketing gives you an opportunity to earn a great Commission weekly while focusing on school activities.
  • Sales Of Products

Another good way to earn passive income as a student is to sell products to fellow students. You can start selling products as little as a pen or snacks to your fellow students and earn passive income.   A student can even sell beyond campus with the use of social media, you can build an audience or community and deliver your product to any location while still schooling.
  • Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way to earn passive income. As a student, you can take advantage of your strength in a certain course and teach other students for a fee.   Aside from tutoring your fellow students on your school courses, you can as well record a course on any niche that you are good at and sell massively.
  • Take Notes For Busy Students

Some students are busy, especially when they have other jobs taking their time. They may be absent from class often and miss out on valuable notes.    You can provide a solution by writing or providing notes to these students for an agreed payment. This is a profitable side hustle for passive income.
  • Become A Photographer

You can earn passive income while schooling when you get photography skills. You can target school events and shoot, snap, and edit pictures for pay.   For example, on any campus, there are photographers who are always available to take photos on matriculation/convocation days With the crowd on campus, earning passive income as a photographer is valid.
  •  Become A Campus Event Host

The campus is always filled with events and these events need a great host. You can go to host these events and start earning.   You can also be an event host to students' outdoor events and earn passive income.
  • Start A Virtual Assistant

You can become a virtual assistant and earn passive income. A virtual assistant works closely with busy entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure their daily workflow is maintained.    The beautiful thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can do it from campus and earn passive income.
  • Start Your Blog

With the rumors and gossip in town, you can start a blog discussing all school gist. You can drive traffic from your campus when you reach fellow students and ask them to read. You can also start a blog that gives out concrete information to new students and promote it so that it will be visited daily.
  • Become A Researcher 

You can become a researcher and earn passive income on campus as well. You can research complex topics for fellow students especially when there are assignments, seminars, and projects to prepare for. 
  • Become A per time Sales Representative

There are different stores on campus that require the services of a sale rep. You can apply t o become a part-time sales representative and fix your work time accordingly.   You can take this to a higher level by introducing local outlets to social media while you handle that aspect.
  • Write An Ebook And Sell

Ebook writing is one way you can earn passive income while on campus. You can set time aside to write a short or long Ebook on profitable niches and sell to fellow students, social media audiences, and Ebook publishing sites and earn passive income.   Ebook writing and publishing are not expensive because you can easily do so with your smartphone.
  • Become A Cleaner

You can also work as a cleaner while schooling, you can clean homes and cars, do laundry for busy people around campus, and earn passive income. You can schedule your cleaning activities for your clients during weekends and when you have a lecture-free day. This is profitable but however, you should be careful when carrying out home services so as not to compromise your safety.
  • Become A Personal Shopper

Personal shopping is currently trending and you can take advantage of it. A personal shopper shops for busy people for a fee, you take a list of items your clients seek to buy, give them an estimate of the cost of these products, and add your service fee. This is one way to earn passive income as a student.
  • Drop Shipping

You can learn the fast-growing business of dropshipping and earn passive income on campus. Even without funds to start, you can start a dropshipping business by taking specific orders, taking down payments, and placing orders for goods. You can get more patronage since you are in campus and students will shop from you. 
  • Become A Podcaster

You can start your own podcast using free podcast tools and earn passive income. This podcast can be on any hot-selling niche or trending topic and you can drive your audience to listen to it. 
  • Become A Cook

You can cook in your client's home or deliver food in bulk to them as a cook on campus. All you need to do is choose a brand name, a package style, your service term, and fee and drive awareness on campus. You can as well extend your services beyond campus depending on your schedule.
  • Become A Reseller

Another way to earn passive income as a student is to resell other people's products. If you do not have the funds to start your own selling, you can pick up a high-demand product, sign a contract with the main seller and sell for a specific commission. 
  • Own A Youtube Channel

The number 20 on our list is to start your YouTube channel. You can learn how to create video content, edit, and post on YouTube. Although it may take some time to become monetized it is possible in the first year of building one.  

How To Manage School And Passive Income Jobs. 

It is not easy to manage school activities and passive income jobs. What can you do to manage both?   Here are a few tips:  
  • Understand your availability
  • Be realistic when planning a schedule
  • Choose side hustles that fit your schedule
  • Inform your clients of your availability through effective communication.
  • Drop a tedious side hustle if it distracts your schooling
  • Manage your time wisely by working with the right priority.


This article has suggested 20 passive income ideas for students and you can pick any suitable side hustle from the list above. You can also do further research if any don't fit your schedule. We hope this article was helpful.  

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