How To Create Online Courses
Creating online courses is much easier when you understand the process   es involved, the following are steps you should take to start creating your online courses:  
  • Choose A Niche

The first step to take when creating your online course is to pick a niche. The niche you choose will affect your audience, your sales rate, and the level of demand. When picking a niche, you can consider the following factors:  
  • The level of demand for that niche
  • Your passion
  • The highest and lowest price range for that niche
  • The kind of audience you are targeting
  • The time and effort required to create that effort.
  • Choose And Test A Tool

To create online courses, you need tools. Unlike normal classroom courses where you may not need sophisticated tools, you need sophisticated tools to record and create online courses.   These tools include:
  • A smartphone or laptop
  • Lighting
  • A phone or laptop holder
  • A sound filter 
  • An editing tool or app
  • Choose A Structure For Your Course

A course without a structure will confuse you during your course creation journey and your users as well. You need to arrange the format of your courses before starting. This structure includes the outlining of your course, the curriculum, the length, and the flow. When your structure is clear it will be fun recording your courses since you understand which module comes first and how it will lead to the others.  

How To Sell Online Courses

  • Do Market Research

Before you put your course out there, you should understand your audience and how to sell to them. You need to survey to analyze the expected rate of demand. Conducting market research for your course will help you discover the best-selling strategies to employ and how to penetrate the market.   Selling your course without thorough research is like working blindly. Carry out thorough research so that you can have a competitive edge.  
  • Set Your Price

Before selling your online course, you must set a price and possible discount rates. The rates are determined by the value of your cost, the level of demand, the market available, and the structure. You have to decide the price if it is a mini-course, masterclass, or short-term training. This is another step to take to start selling your online course.
  • Create Awareness Before Launch

Before you launch your course, you must drive people's interest. You need to constantly talk about your course, bring out strategic pain points your book will solve, and post them on social media.   You can as well take strategic screenshots of some important clips and leave out some ideas to keep your prospective buyers hungry.  
  • Organize A Webinar

You can organize a webinar on the topic your course has to discuss and talk about its relevance to those who attend.   This will help your prospective buyers trust the knowledge you are to dish out in your course.
  • Set A Pre-Launch Waitlist 

You can also set a pre-launch waitlist which is a method of generating leads, you can also attach a price tag to this waitlist. Those on your waitlist can also help you market your course for a discount.
  • Do A Discount Sale For Testimonials

You can give out your course at a discount rate and use the feedback of these early users as a testimonial. You can decide to give a huge discount since you want to drive sales and generate a trusted tool for more sales.
  • Prepare A Sales Page

A sales page helps you sell directly without answering too many questions on your dm. Your sales page should answer all relevant questions and contain testimonials from early readers and a direct link for sale. It helps you filter out buyers who are not serious.
  • Use Influencers

Influencers can also help you drive more sales, they can share tips they got from your course with their audience and urge them to buy.   If you don't have enough funds to pay high influencers, you can choose an affordable one.
  • Run Ads 

Ads can drive a massive audience to your sales page or personal page or your email. Target your audience properly and use ads to draw buying leads.
  • Promote Aggressively Via Social Media

Social media is a tool you must use to sell your course.   Remember it is a digital product and you need to reach people through social media if you want to sell your course. Ensure that you have a good social media presence as that can help you sell organically.
  • Upload On Courses Platform

You can sell massively if you upload your course on platforms such as Udemy and ensure to market well so people can buy from you.

Tools For Creating Online Courses

  • Loom
  • Google meet
  • Zoom
  • PowerPoint recording options
  • Teachable platform
  • Camtasia
  • OBS Studio

Are Online Courses Profitable?

Online courses are profitable, you can generate passive income if you market your course well and it's a high-selling course. The acquisition of digital education is on the rise since people are beginning to see remote opportunities and are hungry to tap into them. Instead of relying on classroom learning, many have resulted in online courses due to their flexibility and innovations. As a course creator, a hungry audience is waiting to buy from you. Read More; Best Financial Independence Strategies


As you begin your course creation journey, this article will be a great research tool for you before and after your course creation. Even if you want to start later, you can bookmark this article as a guide for reference. We hope that you have massive sales.

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