How To Make Money On Fiverr
Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace where freelancers meet clients to exchange their digital services for a certain pay. Since 2010, Fiverr has been one marketplace that brings freelancers and clients closer. Freelancers create a gig on Fiverr at a specific rate and clients buy these gigs if it marches with the services they require. The freelancer is referred to as the seller, while the client is referred to as the buyer.   Freelancers can work from anywhere via Fiverr and can receive their pay once it is reviewed by Fiverr, fiverr takes 20% of every earnings of the freelancers. That’s how to make money on Fiverr.   Fiverr has evolved into a trustworthy platform since it can track sellers' payments, restrict fraudulent transactions and resolve issues between sellers and buyers.   If you want to make money as a freelancer, you can start on Fiverr with the tips in this article..

Steps To Take To Make Money On Fiverr

The purpose of freelancing is to make money while you render your services, the best way to do so is through taking advantage of these freelancing platforms such as Fiverr.   Consider the following steps to take if you want to make money on Fiverr:  
  • Get A Digital Skill

You can not become a freelancer if you do not have digital skills, digital skills are skills that can be delivered using digital devices from any location. Since Fiverr connects freelancers to clients from around the world, it is required that you get a digital skill that can enable you to work independently from any location.    To satisfy your client, you need to be able to deliver your services according to their expectation and this is only possible if you have a digital skill. Since you are rendering services through digital devices, it is important you get skills you can render using these devices.   To deliver according to client expectations, you need to acquire the right digital skills and improve your skills.  
  • Carry Out Research

  One way to succeed on Fiverr is to understand how it works through proper research. you need to do proper research on successful freelancers on the platform, the rate of hiring, the stages, and the work method.    You can also understand how Fiverr works if you learn from those who are successful. You can do research on those who are already making money from Fiverr and buy their courses or opt for mentorship. This will help you position yourself properly on Fiverr.  
  • Create A Fiverr Profile

Creating a Fiverr profile is the first step to selling your skill on Fiverr. You can only get gigs on Fiverr if you create an account. You must follow proper procedures and Fiverr guidelines when creating an account to avoid suspension or ban.
  • Create Your Gig

Get started with creating your gig on Fiverr according to the services you offer.   You can check out similar gigs in your field, especially those who are selling, and get ideas on how to successfully create yours.   Your gig showcases the services you render which the client will see, just like arranging a physical store to attract buyers, you must create a gig that will attract Fiverr buyers.  
  • Set your Gig Rate

You need to set your gig rate to get started. Your gig rate shows the value of your services and what kind of clients you attract.   For a beginner on Fiverr, you don't have to set your rate too high, you might want to set lower rates and increase it over time, this is because you do not have reviews yet.
  • Create a Gig Description

Your gig description is an important aspect of making money from Fiverr.   You need to create a top-notch gig description that will grab the attention of the client. Gig description is one aspect of profile optimization that increases your chances of getting sales on Fiverr.
  • Optimize Your Profile

Profile optimization works hand in hand with gig description.    One thing profile optimal does is that it has the ability to help you rank on Fiverr, this means that your profile will pop up on client searches and that will increase your chances of getting hired.   The more you sell your gigs, the more money you make from Fiverr.
  • Have A Strong Portfolio

One thing is to have a skill, another is to have a portfolio. A portfolio is proof that you can handle clients' jobs expertly. It shows past jobs done and results.   You need to attach your portfolio to your Fiverr account for clients to see and hire you.
  • Prioritize Client Satisfaction 

You are on Fiverr to make money, you can only make money when you sell you gigs to clients. If you satisfy your clients, it will help you establish trust and move them to buy from you again.   It can also boost your confidence in delivery and it will serve as a great review on your profile.
  • Seek Clients Review

Some clients won't give you 5 stars if you don't ask them to. You need to ask a satisfied client for reviews so as to boost your profile visibility, rank and help you sell more gigs.   When you get great reviews, new clients will trust you and expect that you will deliver exceedingly.   Avoid the temptation of getting fake reviews if you can't deliver accordingly.

Hot Selling Skills On Fiverr

There are hot selling gigs on Fiverr that will increase your chances of selling your gigs and making money. Some of them are listed below:             Graphics Design   Copywriting   Video Editing   Web Development   Voiceover Artist  


Can I run ads on my Fiverr Gigs?

Although there is no button on Fiverr for ads, you can create a separate website or through your social media run targeted Facebook ads, google ads, etc to your Fiverr gigs. This gives your gigs high-ranking opportunities and exposure. Running ads to your Fiverr gigs can expose your services to immediate buyers but it is not a guarantee that you will get hired.  

Is it free to create a Fiverr account?

Yes! Creating a Fiverr account is free but Fiverr takes 20% commission from every sales. This means if you sell your gig and your client pays $100, you will receive $80.

Can I sell Physical Products on Fiverr?

No! You can only render digital services on Fiverr.

How much can I make monthly on Fiverr?

You can make money on Fiverr if you read this article and implement the steps and strategies.  


Fiverr is one of the leading freelancing platforms available and it will help you make money as a freelancer. If you are starting off on Fiverr, the steps above in this article will be indispensable for you.   There are other hot selling skills you can render on Fiverr that weren't mentioned in this article, irrespective of your skill, position yourself properly and learn from profitable users of Fiverr as well. Get started with the above steps and make money on Fiver. Must Read; How To Make Money Through Freelancing

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